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Lana Presents: Fake It Till You Bake It

Bring a bit of Lana Cochrane-Searle into your kitchen

We have the solution to your kitchen-xiety! 

Written by our very own, world-famous (in Dargaville) chef, Lana Cochrane-Searle in association with The Breakfast Club brings you...
'Fake it till you bake it' - a compilation of tasty treats and recipes to wow your family. 

"If I can, then you pretty much surely can definitely pull off these"
- Lana Cochrane-Searle, Head Chef and One Star Author 

'Fake it till you bake it' is a delightful combination of savoury and sweet recipes, everything from 'The Dargaville Mac N Cheese' to 'Lana's Sweet Hot Pocket'. 

If you attempt any of these recipes, flick us a message on Facebook or Instagram @MoreFMBreakfastClub and show us your results. 

Invite Lana into your home with 'Fake it till you bake it'., available now for digital download!