Jay-Jay & Flynny Driving You Home

Join Jay-Jay Feeney & Paul 'Flynny' Flynn as they drive you home weekdays 3-7pm.

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Jay-Jay has been in radio since she was a teenager, growing up in New Plymouth. She has also done a little bit of TV too, appearing on 7 Days, Dancing with the Stars, The Project and The AM Show, and has written two bestselling books. She loves travel, wine with friends and her Sydney Silky dog, Kanye.

Flynny was brought up in Pukekohe in a huge family, on the potato farm. It was soon apparent that he was a terrible potato farmer and he was always loud, so his Mum sent him off to be a radio host, and the rest is history. Flynny now has four children, a closet full of party shirts, a vinyl collection he's spent too much money on, and a Toyota Corolla that hasn't been cleaned in years. He loves a good laugh and underneath it all has a kind wee heart.

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